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Can Death Die? By Andre Alvin Moore | Submitted On December 24, 2

April 15th, 2021


In 1st Corinthians 15th chapter, 31st verse we read, “I die daily”, what did Paul mean by this statement? Well I cannot comment on what Paul meant, but I can comment on what that statement means to me. First I must ask the question, whom does I refer to? Is I the individual or is it referring to all of us? And secondly what is the definition of die and daily? Webster’s New World Dictionary defines die as to stop living and daily as everyday. So the big question remains is how can someone stop living everyday?

In order to answer that question we must get a working definition of what is life. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines it as “that property of plants and animals, which make it possible for them to take in food, get energy from it and to grow”. Strangely he does not include humans in this definition, but I will. Mr. Webster does not offer the reader no insight about what he means by “that property” In order to have life “that property” must be present. I must assume that this property must have life, a force of some sort, a sense of self-awareness, and a consciousness. So to have life one must be aware, having a consciousness.

So if a man is in a coma are we aware that he is aware that he is conscious that he’s in a coma? And if he’s not aware can we say that he is dead even though his body still function? Furthermore when Paul uses the word I, is he referring to the physical body or to ” that property” that provides energy for life?

When we sleep at night are we aware that we are sleeping? Are we aware of our time, our breathing? Are we aware of the action or inaction going on around us? If we’re not aware does this mean that we are dead? What does it means to awake. Awake from what? Do we lose our awareness when we sleep and regain it when we awake? Good questions, but in order to answer these questions we must understand that the I that Paul talks about, refer to physical awareness. It does not refer to a greater truth the only truth. This small I being physical awareness do die daily in sleep. It looses all sense of awareness about the physical awareness state and is brought into a different awareness; this awareness can never die for it is never born. This awareness is the knowledge that it is part of “that property” which creates, sustains, and destroys physical creation.

The word Death has five letters; five is the number that leads one to freedom from physical awareness. So death frees the soul from one of it’s three encasements. The other two are astral and casual.

The uppercase letter D is ruled by the number four, the number of imprisonment. The soul is confine to the body until nightfall when it releases itself from the body when we sleep.

The number 5 rules the second letter e; the soul seeks freedom from having to reincarnate over and over again in the body. It can only achieve this victory by breaking the chain that ties it to the body.

The number 1 rules the third letter a, the number of the self. The self or I must come to know and understand that it is not the physical body but the immortal soul. And work through the physical plane to achieve this awareness.

The number 2 rules the fourth letter t, the number of duality. All that exists in the world of duality is created and as such must perish. Duality deals with the concepts of time and space. The soul must learn not to identify with this false reality.

The number 8 rules the fifth letter h, the number of wheel of fortune. Mankind chases a ghost. Every life he goes around and around reaching for and sometimes possessing things that he can never keep.

When you add all five numbers together, 4+5+1+2+8= 20/2.The number of the Goddess is revealed. In order to break the rounds of life and death one must become passive, meditative. Ceasing the mind’s chatter, clearing out all false identities about who and what you are. Coming to awareness that you are part of “that property” that has never been created and never can die. It is a false illusion to think that you can die. Death is for those that has forgotten their immortality and has fallen asleep in the dream of Maya, cosmic illusion that attempts to divert man from spirit to matter, from reality to unreality. You must manifest your Chr